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Nursery, Bloomington, IN Who does not want their home to look beautiful and feel comfortable and cozy It is every homeowner’s wish to have a home that is always welcoming and fulfills their vision of having a home that they see in home improvement magazines. An especially important element that makes our homes look pretty and have an unmatched aesthetic appeal is having a well-kept and colorful lawn. To be able to have a lawn that appeals to the eyes of the beholder and gives you a space to spend quality time either alone or with your family, you need to have a local nursery on your radar. This nursery will full all your needs of supplies like plants, trees, seeds, gardening tools and fertilizers.

We at Bloomington Valley Nursery have been in the business of helping our clients create beautiful landscapes for more than five decades. Nestled in a quiet corner, the nursery witnesses a continuous stream of customers who seek the plants, flowers, and healthy trees that we sell.

A Nursery You Can Always Trust

We were founded in 1965 and since then have not only survived but thrived in the business. We are consistent with the quality of products and services that we offer and at the same time adapt ourselves to align with the latest trends. A perfect tiki-taka of both these ideas has helped us stay successful for so long.

We offer personalized services to our clients, as we know one size does not fit all. We believe in offering you what you want. Our experienced, skilled, and helpful crew is committed to not only meeting but surpassing your expectation every time you use our services. Our team is aware of the latest trends as they continuously upgrade their knowledge and this enables them to recommend the most appropriate product to you, keeping in line with the latest landscape trends.

Nursery That Assures Best Products at Best Prices

If you are looking for landscaping staples, you can bank upon us and we assure you that you will never be disappointed. Apart from the classic stuff we also stock the stuff that is newly popular. We update our collection for each season, so if you want to build a colorful yard this spring, you will find lots of colorful annuals in the nursery. We have seen our customers’ growing interest in plants that are native to Bloomington and the surrounding area. These plants are much more suited to the local weather, support a healthy ecosystem and are relatively easier to maintain. So, we have stocked options like chokeberry, winterberry, dogwood and redbud.

Our large collection of home-grown and cared for perennials, trees and shrubs will be a perfect addition to your yard. The most reassuring part about our products is that you will get them at the best price. We do not believe in over-pricing our products and the long list of customers who have loyal to us for decades is testimony to this fact.

If you wish to build a nice-looking yard at your home and are looking for a nursery you can trust for the products, look no further, and give us a call on 812-824-8813. Our team at Bloomington Valley Nursery will be happy to help and take you around the beautiful alleys in our nursery so that you can pick what you want.

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