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Landscape Design

We all dream to have a home like the ones showcased in magazines or television shows. Apart from the architecture of the home, the landscape design plays a huge role in determining the aesthetic appeal of a home. A well-designed and tastefully created landscape not only makes a home look appealing but also enhances its value greatly. Nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners are adding exquisite landscape elements to their property and you should not stay away from this trend.

The team at Bloomington Valley Nursery has been in the business of landscaping for more than fifty years. Over these decades we have created unique landscape design for our customers that have added to the beauty of their homes. Our contractors bring to life beautiful designs of walkways, patios, gardens and water features like waterfalls and ponds.

Professional Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design, Bloomington, IN Our team is committed to delivering best quality customer service and that is why we begin every landscape design project by first listening to our clients. We spend a considerable time in understanding the expectations and personal preferences of our customer. We gather details about the existing landscape, budget, timelines, and choices. We then create a project plan which is shared with the client to get their alignment and agreement.

Our crew specialises in both front yard and backyard landscaping. We can create beautiful gardens that feel like a work of art. We can also create elements like pergolas, swimming pools and other water features for your back yard.

If you are someone who loves lush and healthy lawns, our inventory has plenty of products like shade trees, shrubs, ornamental trees, grasses, vines, and water plants. We also supply essential products for gardening like compost, mulch, and fertilizer.

Benefits of Landscape Design

Apart from giving a refreshing look to your property, landscaping enables you to fully use the space. Our team can help you create a visual scenery with our expertise and make your investment worth every penny. Here are some benefits you will experience with our landscaping services:

  • Our designs will take you closer to the nature. You will have more greenery in your house and a temporary retreat where you can relax and spend quality time with your family.
  • With our designs, you can spend more time outdoors with a gorgeous backdrop. You will experience an enhanced quality of life.
  • You will be able use the unused spaces of your property for a more functional purpose.
  • You will have lot more space to host and entertain guests. Celebrations will have a newer meaning.
  • The value of your property gets greatly enhanced and when you look at reselling your property you will reap this benefit.

We will create a plan that fits your budget and help you maximise the return on investment that you make.

If you are looking for expert contractors for landscape design, Bloomington Valley Nursery will be your one stop shop. Our team will be happy to provide you a free quote and answer all your queries. Just give us a call on 812-824-8813.

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