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Compost Delivery

All gardening experts suggest making the addition of compost to the soil a habit in every planting season. The reason behind this advice is that good quality compost is rich in nutrients and give the soil microbes a conducive environment to thrive which in turn aid plant growth. For those who are new to gardening, it is simply decomposed organic matter. Composting is a natural process in which organic material like vegetable scraps and dried leaves are recycled and this process results in the creation of what gardeners refer to as ‘Black Gold’. Homeowners in and around Bloomington, bank upon us at Bloomington Valley Nursery for compost delivery for their gardens. Our team of experts uses their knowledge and experience to create the best quality of the product so that your plants thrive.

Top-Notch Quality Compost Delivery for Your Lawn

We understand that a bad quality product when used on the lawn, can do more harm than good to the plants. From the best growing medium, it can become a reason for the plants to die. Not only composts are the same and it is important that you buy yours from a trusted partner like us.

Compost Delivery, Bloomington, IN We have done a lot of research in the field of soil fertility and have derived the perfect formula that helps plants thrive. Our compost has the below characteristics and that is why it is sought after regularly by our customers.

  • Our product is dark brown in color, which is the most important characteristic of good composts.
  • The particles are fine and you will not notice any pieces of the original waste that was used to make it.
  • The moisture percentage is in the range of 68-70 percent, which is the ideal moisture percentage.
  • pH value is 7.2 to 7.8, this promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Our product is devoid of any ammonia and you will notice it the moment you smell our product. Instead, it has an earthy smell.
  • It is not sticky or greasy.
  • You will not find any insects or nematodes, as these can be harmful to the plants.

Why Should You Trust Us for All Your Compost Needs?

As a maker of the best quality composts, we ensure that it meets the industrial standards and your needs. Our product meets the PAS 100 standards, and its C/N ratio is within the specification for stability and maturity. With our product, you will reap the following benefits:

  1. Better soil quality leading to healthier plants and higher yield.
  2. It acts as a slow-release fertilizer and helps add valuable nutrients to the soil.
  3. You can save money, that you will otherwise spend on expensive chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are also harmful to the environment and humans.
  4. It retains moisture better while allowing excess water to drain away easily. Thus, reduces the need for frequent watering.
  5. It helps prevent pest infestation.
  6. It balances the pH of the soil thus helps in reducing stress on plants.
  7. It leads to significant improvement in soil structure allowing roots to easily expand and get nutrients.

If you want to get the best quality compost delivery at your doorstep, look no further as Bloomington Valley Nursery will be a trusted partner for you. Give us a call on 812-824-8813 and place your order.

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