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Landscape Services, Bloomington, IN Landscapes are meant to be an extension of your personality and lifestyle. At Bloomington Valley Nursery, we provide comprehensive landscape design and installation services to help you create an outdoor that ideally represents your goals, expectations, and a touch of who you are. Whatever your landscaping goals, we have the expertise, experience, resources, and commitment required to transform them into reality. Explore the range of services and facilities that we offer to help add life to your ideas.


We have a vast and wonderful selection of locally grown plants in our nursery. Our offerings include ornamentals, fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, conifers, perennials, bedding plants, grasses, azaleas, Japanese maples, rhododendrons, hollies, and more. There are thousands of varieties on offer, allowing us to provide the right plants to meet the unique needs of your landscape. There is more to creating green spaces on your property than aesthetics. Beautiful plantscapes add to your happiness and help de-stress. We are much more than just a provider of a full-fledged plant nursery, as we are also a full-service landscape design and installation company. This allows us to work closely with you to understand your plantscaping requirements and assess your landscape before helping you make the right choice of plants. We offer plants, trees, and flowers for sun and shade areas, plants with different flowering abilities and growth habits, and special resistant options. If you feel overwhelmed by the options, we are always here to assist you. Read More About Our Nursery »

Landscape Installation

We provide landscape design and installation services for both residential and commercial properties. From new lawns to all types of plantings to hardscaping features, we specialize in comprehensive landscape installation to create the perfect outdoors. As an experienced landscaping company with our own nursery and design team, we have the experience, expertise, and resources required to transform your ideas into reality. Our team of landscape design and installation experts is among the best in the industry, always committed to ensuring the final product exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our crew comprises certified horticulturists with great appreciation for nature and the outdoors, in-depth understanding of native plants and local climate, and knowledge of all the products. The combination of all these factors ensures that you will have a landscape that exceeds your expectations. Whether it is about residences, commercial spaces, civic properties, or communities, we can create beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance landscapes for all types of properties. Read More About Landscape Installations »

Mulch/Mulch Delivery

Mulch is a simple and effective solution for upgrading your landscape. Used more often for flower beds, the right mulch enhances your landscape’s beauty by improving the health of the soil and plants. We offer both mulch delivery and installation for different types and colors, allowing you to be as creative with your outdoors as you want. We offer a variety of mulch that is made from the ideal organic plant materials to foster roots.

We are deeply involved in the cultivation of plant life from the cycle of green waste. The use of proper green recycling allows us to minimize the environmental impact. Our offerings help add essential nutrients to the soil, retain moisture, fight-off weed growth, add beauty to your landscape, prevent soil compaction, and insulate the soil against harsh conditions. When it comes to mulch delivery and installation, we follow proper measuring and installation procedures for optimal results. Read More About Mulch/Mulch Delivery »

Topsoil/Topsoil Delivery

Quality topsoil lays the foundation of a healthy and beautiful landscape. The health, growth rate, and visual appeal of the plantscapes are related to the quality of the soil. We offer quality and reliable topsoil delivery services in Bloomington and the surrounding areas. Using the best processing equipment and the expertise and experience of the right professionals, we can meet the unique needs of your landscape. We offer custom blended topsoil that is pulverized to the right texture for hauling and spread at your residential or commercial property or job site. Whether you need 1 ton or 20 ton of topsoil, we can haul and deliver the required amount based on your needs. We also offer select materials topsoil that is a combination of organic compost materials, sand, and natural soil fines. This provides a surface with water-absorbing, well-draining, and fertilizing properties. Our topsoil delivery services allow you to have a more vibrant and beautiful landscape. Read More About Topsoil/Topsoil Delivery »

Compost/Compost Delivery

When it is about compost application for your yard, we can meet your unique needs. If sustainable landscaping is your goal, the choice of the right compost delivery service is important. We supply the right materials that give the proper boost to your soil’s pH levels. Our products can also help enhance the nutrient levels of your soil. We can offer custom products required to get the most out of your landscaping services. Leaf and organic material-based garden compost is the most popular option for landscapes. Our experienced professionals know the right compost for landscaping and are fully committed to the unique needs of your project. Besides offering compost delivery services, we cater to the complete landscaping needs of our clients in the region. From landscape materials to garden compost options, you can expect all types of services required to enhance and enrich your outdoors and plantscapes. Read More About Compost/Compost Delivery »

Landscape Design

If you are seeking comprehensive landscape design and installation services, backed by a full-service plant nursery center, you are at the right place. Our experienced and accomplished landscape designers and architects work with our horticulturists and landscape installation teams to create customized, beautiful, and functional landscapes. Besides, our nursery specialists will also work with you in the selection of the right plants and supplies for your project. Whether you have any ideas in your mind or want to share pictures and sketches with us, we can work with you to create landscape designs specific to your needs and preferences.

We have many certified and experienced landscape designers and architects on our team, with many of them having over a decade of individual experience. As a full-service landscaping company, we have a versatile and large team that can address all aspects of your landscape design and installation requirements. Read More About Landscape Design »

If you need more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with us at Bloomington Valley Nursery. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Bloomington and the surrounding towns and cities. Give us a call at 812-824-8813 and let us know about your unique landscaping goals and requirements.

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