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We at Bloomington Valley Nursery have been in this industry since 1965. Over the decades, we have helped our clients create stunning and sustainable landscapes. Our company offers a wide range of solutions, including landscape installation and landscape supplies in Bloomington, IN.


Nursery, Bloomington, IN Our nursery is in a quiet corner and has a continuous stream of discerning customers looking for healthy plants, trees, and flowers. We recognize that property owners look for good quality plants and landscaping supplies to ensure their garden’s longevity and health. We offer the best quality plants, shrubs, and trees at cost-effective pricing. The nursery has an expansive list of regular clients that keeps increasing steadily with each passing year.

Our commitment to quality, professionalism, and focus on personalization are just some of the things that make us the preferred nursery In Bloomington, IN. We also carry all other essential supplies such as topsoil, mulches, fertilizers, and more, in addition to the best plantings. You can source all these products from us conveniently.

We also know that many customers today want low-maintenance landscapes. Apart from proper planning and high-quality materials, it's also crucial to select indigenous plants and trees. This approach helps your landscape become resilient and sustainable and creates good support for the local ecosystem.

Landscape Installation

Having a home with a unique appeal is what every homeowner wants. A well-designed and installed landscape will enhance this appeal. However, you must select the right plants, trees, and shrubs, assess the available space, and plan everything down to the last detail. We are here to help with every aspect of the job from start to finish. We know from experience that an incredible landscape will also increase your property's resale value by at least 20%.

Whether you want a new landscape installed or want to extend or upgrade an existing one, we can help. We help with plant and soil selection, and our team will guide your material and supplies selection choices. This approach helps to ensure that your landscape becomes a true value-addition to your property.

The appropriate soil and plant choices also help reduce soil erosion, improving your landscape's stability and integrity. Our team is committed to providing the best services to our clients at the most cost-effective pricing and complete the landscape installation within the committed timeline. We use our creativity, skill, and experience to provide clients in Bloomfield, IN, the best solutions in line with their needs.

Mulch/Mulch Delivery

We are one of the most preferred landscape material suppliers in the region and offer a wide range of products and materials, including all types of organic and inorganic mulches. Our team will assess your requirements after detailed discussions with you. There are many benefits to applying mulches in landscapes, including:

  • In winters, mulches form a protective layer above the soil, helping to prevent the plantings from the freeze and cold
  • It's a great way to avoid soil crusting
  • Organic mulches breakdown over time, enriching the soil
  • Mulches help sandy soil retain moisture very well
  • Placing mulches around tree trunks is significantly better than growing grass around the trees
  • Mulching helps improve plant health
  • It prevents soil erosion
  • When you use organic mulches regularly, it improves your soil's fertility levels, and the micronutrients become more readily available to your shrubs and plants

We can supply the mulches you need, and our skilled and knowledgeable team can handle landscape installation to your expectations. For any additional information regarding the materials or services we provide, please call Bloomington Nursery Valley at 812-824-8813. Our experts are here to help with all the information you need and will assist you with selecting suitable supplies and materials for your landscape project.

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